First Time Pass!
Sue is an excellent instructor who is always calm and has taught me how to use the road safely. I also used the LDC workbook and student hub to prepare for my theory and practical tests, alongside my lessons. The resources are useful and then cemented in with the practical experience when driving. Sue has been very considerate of working around university and work schedules so that I had enough experience and I was ready for the driving test.

First Time Pass!
The whole experience was incredible. Sue made lessons fun and exciting while still teaching everything I needed to know. The LDC workbook and student hub were incredibly helpful during my entire learning journey. I couldn't have asked for anything else!

First Time Pass!
Sue has been amazing - from the constant support to the welcoming feeling, Sue has done it all and has been there for me throughout. I used my workbook to its full advantage and used after every lesson to record what had happened so that I could learn from that and get better at driving. I want to say a massive thank you to Sue for being so accommodating with my anxiety and helping with learning to drive!

First Time Pass!
My entire experience with LDC has been amazing! Sue was a wonderful instructor who was always quick to address any worries or questions I had. The LDC system proved to be vital when it came to both my theory and practical tests. I cannot fault a single aspect of my learning to drive and the whole experience was very enjoyable. Thank you LDC!

First Time Pass!
Sue was incredibly patient with me, and figured out ways to help me learn to drive safely and providing me with useful tools such as the LDC workbook to prepare me for upcoming lessons. Sue is amazing to learn with and we have also had a good laugh along the way!

Sue has been amazing. I was a very nervous driver and Sue did a great job of building my confidence without forcing me to go too fast, too early. As well as this, the LDC theory test preparation resources were great and I passed my theory test first time.

First Time Pass!
Sue was very helpful and made sure I was prepared in every possible way for my driving test. I found the LDC workbook and videos very useful too as I learn better that way.

First Time Pass!
Sue made me feel so welcome and is so patient and understanding! All of the LDC materials and resources she gave me were super helpful and enabled me to pass first time! Sue always makes sure you are comfortable in what you are doing and makes you feel so at ease. A super, super instructor, I would highly recommend!

First Time Pass!
Sue was extremely helpful and not only taught me to pass the practical test but also valuable driving skills that will be needed in the future. The LDC workbook was useful, especially in the early stages of driving.

I have found Sue to be an excellent instructor. This is the second time I have attempted to learn to drive and Sue gave me a lot more confidence! The LDC videos were very useful and the Theory test resources really helped with passing my theory test.

First Time Pass!
Sue is an amazing instructor. She has the patience and the most supportive encouragement you need to able to learn how to drive. The LDC videos and theory test resources were helpful too. I highly recommend Sue.

First Time Pass!
Having Sue as my instructor has been a complete pleasure. She has taught me to be a safe and capable driver and I can't thank her enough. As an instructor, Sue is calm and encouraging which has always kept me positive throughout my lessons. I found the LDC tutorials and videos so helpful and have really enjoyed the whole experience.

First Time Pass!
The most amazing driving instructor! Sue took me on a few weeks before my test when I was new to the area and managed to get me test ready and helped me pass first time. I am ever so grateful and cannot recommend her enough. Thank you so much!

First Time Pass!
Sue is an excellent instructor. She provides enough support so that you feel confident and not reliant. I used the LDC theory test preparation resources a lot and found them useful.

First time Pass!
Sue was very, very good to learn with. She made me feel very relaxed and confident in myself. This enabled me to take in everything she has taught me. I couldn't have asked for anyone better and cannot recommend Sue enough!

Felt at ease
Sue was excellent and very patient with me. She was very kind and made me feel at ease whilst driving. I read the workbook after every lesson to help me improve and it definitely helped.

First time Pass!
The LD system resources helped with not just my practical, but with my theory too. Sue is very considerate and not only helps you just pass your test but goes the extra mile in order to learn skills used in day to day driving.

First time Pass!
Sue was very patient with me and had multiple different ways of explaining and showing things to me. I was incredibly nervous about starting driving and after my first lesson that fear was completely gone - all thanks to Sue! I liked that there was extra support online when I needed it

Zero Faults!
Sue is a great instructor, so calm and does not get stressed with you if you make a mistake. She always believed in me, even when I was doubting myself coming up to the test. The LDC diagrams she can show you, e.g for roundabouts and parking, are especially good if you are visual learner like me.

First time Pass!
Sue was very helpful and supporting through my lessons. The resources provided are excellent!

Thank you!
Sue has been a godsend; very patient, kind and friendly and a pleasure to learn from. The student centred LD system is a brilliant idea - keeping up with the times of IT, yet still offering a book for those of us less tech savvy! I will miss our Thursday mornings and want to thank you massively for your help

Harry BatsonHarry Batson
First time Pass!
Brilliant instructor, always on time to pick me up from work. Every lesson was a laugh and I learnt something new. The LDC workbook was brilliant and very helpful.

Jordan HalesJordan Hales
First time Pass!
Sue has been a great help in raising my confidence and comfort while driving. She is patient and understanding so my lessons have been anything but tense, even in the lead up to my test. I didn't feel afraid to ask a basic question or make a mistake, I could mess up and move on with no hard feelings. Any student learning under her wing is lucky to have her!

Sangam GurungSangam Gurung
Definitely Recommend!
Sue was very helpful in all of my driving lessons, by far one of the best teachers. I will definitely recommend everyone to use LDC.

Lydia ReeseLydia Reese
First time Pass!
Sue's calm, systematic approach left me feeling confident and safe driving anywhere - countryside, city or town. I'm comfortable with it all now!

Confidence restored!
Sue was so incredibly supportive and patient. She helped me with the personal confidence side of things as well as teaching me safe, practical driving skills I can carry with me for the rest of my life. My confidence has been restored!

First time Pass!
Sue is a very good instructor. She always wants the best for you and there is a nice atmosphere during the lesson, calm, relaxed and reassuring. I liked using the LD system as it is a very good source of info!

First time Pass!
Sue is brilliant at what she does. I would not have done it without her encouragement and patience. Sue made me feel very comfortable and did everything at my learning pace. I found the LD system very useful, especially when preparing for my theory test. I cannot recommend Sue enough, she is a brilliant instructor!

First time Pass!
Sue has been amazing! She has helped my confidence grow so much and I cannot thank her enough. I have gone from being a nervous driver to someone who feels confident enough to now drive independently!

First time Pass!
Sue was amazing, I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! Without her pushing me I would not have passed as quickly as I did!.

First time Pass!
Sue is a fab instructor! She was always patient and encouraging which helped me a lot due to being quite a nervous learner. I have a slight visual impairment and Sue was always very aware and understanding of this, often helping me to find ways to overcome it. I found the online videos especially helpful, particularly the manoeuvres.

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